About Me

We have been granted with technology where Graphics and Design take a significant impact on our perception and how we perceive the World through media. I am NJ Certified High School Art Instructor & Experienced Artist with a demonstrated history of organizing multiple Art Exhibitions across the USA. I have been painting and teaching traditional approaches in art-making for 15 years where I have discovered my strong analytical and problem-solving skills. I have decided to increase my abilities in creating efficient and effective designs while empowering my visual communication skills through various technical approaches.

I admire well-known American graphic designer, Paula Scher and her approach in experimental Design & Typography. Her designs and use of Typography inspired me to learn more about typographic solutions. I have taught myself UI design, Adobe Suite Programs, WordPress, Digital Photography and Programming languages (HTML & CSS). I see myself as a strong leader and collaborative team player who strives to improve the workplace and increase the productivity of a group.

Currently, I am pursuing M.F.A. degree in Graphic Design at Academy of Art University while teaching High School Digital Art courses full-time.

I constantly improve my technical skills and experimental approaches in Art-making/Design. I am passionate about design and eager to learn more about new techniques in Visual Commination to become a professional designer and educator.